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May 4th 

Neena Warburton

Keynote Speaker

Franchise Owner/Operator at The Butterfly Campaign

Online Influencer

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Neena Warburton is a mother with a mission! A mission to empower this generation of parents and caregivers to do better in their emotional care and behavioral management with children and themselves.


As a former School Psychologist (Bachelor of Science in Sociology with a minor in Family Life, Educational Specialist (EdS) in School Psychology, and a Nationally Certified School Psychologist), she’s passionate about childhood mental health, research-based behavioral strategies, and weeding through the parental gunk and triggers that inhibit real connection between parents and their children.


As a mother to four children, she’s been able to put her professional training to good use, and implement mindful strategies within her own home and now with other parents through her online platforms (All Things Neena).


Along with her work as a mother and parent educator, Neena runs a successful international online health and charity business with her husband focusing on women’s empowerment and business mentorship (The Butterfly Campaign).


You can find more details about Neena’s impactful projects at allthingsneena.com and across all social media platforms with the handle @allthingsneena.

May 4th Speakers

Mrs. Chelsie McRae Kearney

Owner & CEO of Life Moments, LLC  

Founder & Managing Director of Women Enlightened

Franchise Owner/Operator at The Butterfly Campaign 

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Chelsie was born and raised in Murphy, North Carolina, a little country town in the heart of the Appalachian mountains. Having amazing parents who encouraged her to go after her dreams and the things that made her happy, she grew up reaching for the stars every chance possible. 

Chelsie started her career by getting a BFA in Theatrical Design and Motion Pictures and Television Production from Western Carolina University. All throughout college she worked for professional regional theatres starting as an intern but quickly moving to entertainment management of the entire theatre. After college Chelsie has an incredible opportunity to run the entertainment for Norwegian Cruise Line but after her beloved father had a heart attack while she was on the other side of the world, she decided to move home to North Carolina to be closer to her parents. 

This is where her entrepreneur spirit started to bud. Being used to having multiple projects on her plate, after about 24 hours back home, she started looking for something to do! Chelsie attending town council meetings and started networking and using her skills to help local businesses with their branding and marketing. She also started running a local farmers market where she would eventually meet missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and put her on a path to landing in SLC, Utah. 

In an attempt to stay close to home, she landed a job with Caesar's Entertainment at Harrah's Cherokee as a VVIP Marketing Specialist for high worth clients. This allowed her to network and get to know some of the most amazing entrepreneurs and kindhearted people who further inspired her to work towards having her own business. 

Through much prayer and inspiration, Chelsie decided to relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah in August of 2016 and met her amazing husband, Stewart, shortly after. Stewart, also very entrepreneurial, supported Chelsie in her goals to have time freedom and leveraged income in her life. After a few years of networking and learning, Chelsie launched Life Moments, an event planning and personal banding company, in 2018 and joined a movement of entrepreneurial women called The Butterfly Campaign. Through this journey, Women Enlightened was born. See "About Us" page for the entire story! 

Chelsie humbled and thankful for curvy road that has lead her to this amazing group of women! W.E. is truly a team effort born out of love and support! 

Mrs. Julie Larson

Co-Founder of Women Enlightened

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

Franchise Owner/Operator at The Butterfly Campaign

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Julie Larson is a daughter of God, wife, mother of 4, entrepreneur, and fiercely devoted catalyst to helping other people, especially women, recognize their worth, potential, and power.


She grew up in Southern California with an incredible family of seven kids. During high school, she played basketball and ran track, which began her love and drive for fitness.


Julie went to college at BYU Idaho, travelled to Israel for a study abroad program, and then transferred to BYU Provo. She served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Portugal. After coming home and starting a high school teaching position, she was introduced to a business opportunity that completely changed her outlook on how life could be lived and led her on the path of lifelong entrepreneurship, learning, and development.


Julie has always known she was meant to live an extraordinary life. She has felt this throughout her life largely due to her strong faith. Her faith is a critical part of who she is, and through it, she has felt many blessings poured out to her and her family. This has helped her dream bigger and to push others to do the same.


Julie loves the time freedom of being an entrepreneur. She and her husband have owned several businesses, including starting a direct mail company, and eventually moved to, and excelled, in the real estate industry. Throughout her business ventures, personal development and coachability have become the cornerstone of her success.


She loves learning and sharing her knowledge with others. She wants to help people remember who they are and their incredible power that can help change the world.


Women Enlightened is an important movement to Julie because she knows women struggle everyday, often without support or a safe space to grow and discuss the hard things in life. Her own battle with drugs, alcohol addiction and bulimia, among others, could have drawn her away from her family, her faith, and everything she knew; however, through what Julie believes to be a divine intercession, she was blessed to have her life course corrected. Julie hopes to provide other people support and understanding as they navigate their own journeys.

Ms. April James

Founding Member of Women Enlightened

Entrepreneur & Business Coach

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April James is a wife and proud mother of 5 daughters, Step-mom to 2 sons and Grandma to 4 grandchildren. She grew up the youngest of 10 kids and learned at a young age about compromise, compassion and the importance of family. 


She has had many opportunities to learn how to dig deep and rely on her faith and testimony. She has seen many miracles over the years as she has helped the people she loves, as well as herself, through affects of drug and alcohol abuse, pornography, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, mental illness, depression, anxiety, chronic health issues, the death of a loved one, divorce, rejection, failure and disappointments of all kinds.


In her 15+ years of being a fearless entrepreneur she has become a respected leader in her industry, business coach, personal mentor and cheerleader of all.  Her global following looks to her for her passion, creativity and inspiration. While her journey hasn’t been an easy one, she’s known for her optimism and grit. She loves deeply, cries easily, and lives openly. 

Ms. Michelle Ruward

Massage Therapist and Energy Healer at Body & Soul Therapy

Manager of Dyscalculia Math and Living Your Life On Purpose Coaching

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Michelle has been a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner for over 20 years.


She is the creator of 2 mindfulness apps on the iPhone (The Seven Minute Stress Cure, and Sleep Balance, which will be released soon!). Both apps aid a person with anxiety, relaxation, sleep, and an overall sense of wellbeing.


Michelle is a wife, mother, grandmother and life coach. 

Summer Estes

Founder & CEO of Your Aurora Effect

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An Entrepreneur at heart, Summer started her first business at 6 years old and has had successful side hustles running ever since. 


A Pacific Northwest native, Summer traded life in the clouds for the experience of  working with Silicon Slopes based companies. Her passion for people and development, combined with a strong background in marketing and event management, led to her deep involved with the strategy, coordination, and execution of  programs and events that created powerful results and experiences.  These experiences showed Summer that in the corporate world, people are not only the most valuable resources, but also most underdeveloped and neglected. 


In 2012 Summer launched Statements, offering Image Consulting and professional coaching experiences to at risk women. She was nominated for a Filmed in Utah award for Wardrobe and Style work in 2015, and served in the Bluffdale City Royalty as well as Miss Utah USA Ambassador. She took over as Director of the Miss Bluffdale Scholarship Program, and continues to coach, direct, and judge scholarship pageants as a Miss America Sanctioned judge. 


Summer is dedicated to the development of others she mentors next generation leaders and serves in her community.. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, crafting, martial arts, anything that sparkles and playing with her Black Lab, Fancy.

Ms. Aislin Dyer

Mother & Storyteller

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Aislin Powell Dyer was born in Spanish Fork, Utah, the oldest of five sisters, and later moved to central California.  The most exquisite moments of her childhood were spent snuggled in bed, listening to her father read Robin Hood, The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Little Prince, and The Hobbit by the light from the hall.

She has been consuming and telling stories since toddlerhood. If she wasn't speaking she was singing, including in children's choirs and jazz ensembles.

Aislin received a Bachelor's degree in English from Brigham Young University. She has cherished time living in Illinois, Alabama, and her current home of Mapleton, Utah. She and her husband, Justin, are the parents of six children, (who each do their fair share of providing story material). She loves hiking, live theatre, and teaching children through stories and music.

And yes, her tongue is hinged in the middle.

Ms. Annie Bryner

Trauma,Relationships and Intimacy Therapist

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Annie Bryner is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her psychotherapy work is centered in helping individuals, couples and families heal from issues surrounding trauma, attachment and shame. She received both her bachelor's degree and masters degree from Brigham Young University. Annie has presented her research on families in Washington D.C. and South Africa and has been a featured guest speaker in many venues, including BYU's Women's Conference. Currently Annie is doing research on sexual response issues in women, and how our childhood attachments affect our adult relationships.


Annie loves to travel and has been blessed to live in and travel to many parts of the world. She has three adult children, who are some of the most fascinating human beings she knows; two maltese mix puppies that keep her life full of licks and snuggles; and one husband, who she's insanely in love with.

Annie has only recently caught on to the idea of having a professional social media presence. She can be found on both Facebook and Instagram as Annie Bryner, LCSW.